You've heard every tip, watched every tutorial, perhaps even attended a clinic trying that move you want to land soooo many times, yet you still can't nail it?

Don't worry you're not the only one and it's not your fault. We can fix that.

Online Windsurfing Coaching just works!


Last year I have been working with Jorge Vera Garcia aka Dr Windsurf on the online coaching basis a lot. As I was in Australia and Jorge was in Gran Canaria during the winter season, I would send him clips of the moves I was working on - either from the beach or just from GoPro attached to the mast and we would analyse them and discuss online. It was incredible how well this worked. I learned new moves quicker, improved faster and in result got my first PWA podiums finishing 3rd overall in the waves for 2019 after leading the tour for a while. It exceeded any of my expectations. We decided we should offer this form of coaching to everyone who has footage of themselves because it's extremely beneficial when done correctly.

You can find lots of tips online on how to do moves, but the key to progress is knowing what YOU are doing wrong at the time. You need to define which of your movements are holding you back and which of them must remain exactly the same.

After so many years of analysing footage of ourselves and the best guys and girls in the world we can literally look at a clip of your jump or move and tell you strait away what you must change to land it, land it cleaner or go higher safely. We have thought many to land moves they couldn't do for years in a matter of days. This year Jorge gave one tip to a 52year old friend of ours who was hammering Goiters for years and he landed one strait away in the next session. I have thought many people how to Backloop in a matter of a week, after they struggled for many seasons.

Bottom line is - there is a number of most common (and less common) mistakes that keep you from landing that move you are dreaming of and between us we know pretty much all of them when it comes to windsurfing waves.

I always say, there's nothing you can not learn, but you can save yourself the long years of figuring it all out and hear the golden tips from those who already know how to get results you want. Why not optimise your time on the water that is so precious as there's never enough of it. I have not been born on a tropical island, I started late, I had multiple injuries and I am not the biggest of sailors out there, but I learned to land all the moves even in hauling winds. And we can teach you too.

The whole idea of online coaching is to eliminate all the travel expenses and to focus solely on your moves, allowing you to get the tips you need and apply them to your sailing even on your home spot that you know well and feel comfortable at. You can dial in right before/after or even during your session to maximise your time on the water.

You can book a session with me, Jorge or us both. All you need to to do is send us clips of your move, we will analyse it and then chat to you over Skype/Whatsapp/Messanger and explain how you can improve and what's the fastest way to get to the move you're after. We will show you footage of us and other sailors side by side with yours and explain what you need to work on. And don't worry if you only have clips of the worst attempts - it's the worst attempts what highlight what you're doing wrong and are the best source of information for us.

We already coached many people remotely. We can analyse your progress and pick up on the mistakes from talking to you and/or viewing your footage. If you are already landing a particular move but want to get the technique and style improved this is also a great option for you. 

You can literally call us strait after your session or during a break between sessions!

Whether you wan't to know about sailing in bigger wave, improve your wave-riding style, break through the fear to land your first forward or start going big on your stalled ones, get in touch.

We are looking forward to taking your sailing to the next level!


  • general windsurfing consultation, your windsurfing "health check" from gear set up to stance

  • analysis of your existing footage (if applicable)

  • analysis of your feedback

  • defining your fastest, realistic goals and time frames

  • analysis of other riders clips and pin-pointing areas and ways of improvement

  • identifying your physical and mental blocks and road map to overcoming them

  • mind hacks and game-changing pro tips

  • expert advise and custom improvement plan with proven check-points


  • identifying your weaknesses and strengths

  • understanding your competition blocks and ways of overcoming them

  • strategies to improving your confidence in competition

  • analysis your competition environment (spots, competitors) and key take outs

  • key steps to boost your competition performance

  • mind hacks to boosting confidence

  • game-changing tricks to competition

  • expert road map to uptapping your potential